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Vice City Market Link


Vice City Darknet Market Home Screenshot

It was launched precisely a year ago in May 2020. It has a cool interface that everybody will love to use. There are abundant items which are close to 8k listings that relate to the drugs and pharmaceuticals categories. It has a good base of customers as well since we have found a lot of positive reviews in most of their listings.

The vendors are mostly from the US and EU. It is great to know that some of them are located in your local area. But if you are neither in the countries, you can also find the particular vendor who can ship internationally. Vice City Market Payment

For the moment, it only accepts BTC as the main payment. As we know, Bitcoin is one of the safest crypto that we can use. But if you are focusing on anonymity, you will need to be very careful to use your BTC. We can see that the site looks like it will be open to multiple cryptocurrencies in the future. They will eventually add safer privacy coins like Monero – XMR sooner or later.

But in the silver lining, it also allows the multisig escrow which can protect all of the parties involved. If you’d want to become a vendor rather than a buyer, be prepared to spend $99 for the vendor bond. Using the Vice City Market

It is easy and simple to use Vice City Market. The site interface is clear and clean, allowing the users in every level to access the site’s category without any problem. You can also use the search box to find a particular item by just typing some words.

Using the dark net market like vice city market url is not like when you are browsing the conventional online marketplaces like eBay or Amazon. You will need to download and install Tor Browser first on your device. Then turn the Javascript off since it will hinder your device connections with the website. While Tor browser is safe enough to protect your privacy, your internet service provider is still able to see your activities. I suggest you use your VPN service to mask the current real IP address.

If you have prepared for the browser, you also want to make sure that you can use your crypto. If you’ve ever used cryptocurrencies for online shopping before, it is important to learn the basics of cryptocurrencies. In this case, equip yourself with the BTC knowledge first. Keep in mind to cover the basics first then you can proceed with your transactions. Vice City Market


Registration is super easy. Just like when creating an account in other darknet websites, you just need to fill in the form with your name, username, password, and so on. After finishing the registration, you can start shopping. Make sure to visit the site from the verified links. You don’t have to search it anywhere else. We have provided the shared links for you. Chances are you can find dozens of links which are quoted as “Vice City Market URLs” from the third party websites. But not all of them are the real links. Some of them are even phishing sites. Do not get tempted with those offers and just focus on the trustworthy source. The primary URL of Vice City Market is here. Multisig Transaction Multisig Transaction setting is easy. You can change the transaction method right from the Account Settings Tab. The information includes the multisig Bitcoin address. Multisig purchase option in the Vice City Market requires 2/3 combinations. The parties involved are buyer, vendor, and market. the marketplace requires two out of three parties to agree to release the funds. Multisig is often chosen because it gives the best benefits for both buyers and sellers when there’s a dispute in the transaction. Vice City Market


There are two ways to deposit in the Vice City: Multisig and Escrow. We have explained about Multisig above. Then there are Escrow wallets hosted by the site. You must make the deposits to these wallets before purchasing particular items. The Escrow transaction is sent to the BTC address.

So, your funds won’t necessarily hold in your market account. It is held in escrow, then released to the vendor. There is no deposit that needs to be

made when you want to purchase something. Vice City Market

Shop Around Vice City Market

The vice city market link has dozens of categories that you can explore. The shopping page is modern and astonishing. You might want to spend some hours shopping around there without feeling bored. The listings, just like other darknet websites, are broken down to several categories such as Benzos, Cannabis, Dissociatives, Other Drugs, and Digital products.

The categories can also be broken down to the sub-categories like cannabis ecstasy and opiods mo st of them containing drugs listings.

If exploring categories is a bit of wasting time for you, you could also use the internal search function to pinpoint particular items by typing the right keywords in the searching box. The results will show up in no time and you could just proceed. The Listing page consists of the information you need to make an informative decision. There are also other tabs entitled as “Feedback” and “Discussion”.

The feedback, as the name suggests, shows you the feedback from the past customers to show you how good the service of the particular vendors is. Discussion is the section where the buyers can ask some things to the vendor.

Is it safe?

Yes, indeed. It comes with 2FA which can protect your privacy and account. The Multisig experience will ensure all parties’ premises are met. Don’t forget to fortify your device when you use the service.

Victe City Market Link: http://itk54vmbpky775yhacyshymp5zeirilqht23rp46g5nwxdxmgdd7frid.onion