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The versus dark market or The Versus Project is the market for the real community who are up to the Darknet marketplace. It is a community project rather than the conventional online marketplaces which are often disappointing for darknet enthusiasts.

Versus Darknet Market Home Screenshot In this community, you will be amazed with the wide array of items that the sellers are offering. If you are a seller, you will know at a glance that you can be creative and sell particular items of your interests, as well as find out your enthusiastic community.

Since it focuses on the vendors community-centric approach, they are tagging along the buyers to get involved in the market development. Shrooms on Versus Market Overview of The Versus Project

The Versus Project is solid proof of the buyers-driven community which strives to survive when the other darknet markets shut down.

Versus Market still has a real customer base that remains relevant for true enthusiasts. The Darknet Markets are commonly tied with the drug items in their listings. However, you can find a lot of other items in different categories.

Some sellers even put their items in the Legal Items category.

What Makes The Versus Different Most of you have surely checked on the conventional online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, etc. Whether you are in the seller or buyer shoes, you will notice that their homepage always showcases the best sellers or advertised listings.

This kind of monopoly is common in the common online shops, which is also negating the opportunities for better vendors to show up. Not to mention that the buyers will only be aware of the “Top Listings” rather than the better option for their budget and preferences.

The Versus Market banishes this problem. Versus is the true ally of the vendors to give them much better protection and opportunities. That could be one of the reasons why you can see a lot of better vendors which you’ve never heard of before.

The other pros is that the funds are never held in the exchange. Rather, it will be transferred via multisig escrow transactions. We will explain how this “trustless payment system” works later. Products for sale on versus market

The Versus Project was established in December 2019. By the time we wrote the review of versus market, it had around 120k users. There were around 1,3k vendors and 13,k products listed in the market. Its main coins are BTC. Registration

Before joining the site, it is important to make sure that you have landed on the right versus market url. It has the official versus market link which will ensure that you are registering to the site with a safe approach. There are many scammers out there who planted fake links at the third-party sites for phishing and other frauds.

Therefore, you could double-check the versus darknet market link before proceeding. The official links of the versus market usually have particular defense systems to prevent the spam and phishing in the registration screen.

Embrace the captcha since it is the way the market prevents the platform from cyber attack. After filling the captcha and it is correct, you will be able to advance to the next page where you can start creating your account for the versus market. LSD on Versus Market Registration is simple

and straightforward. Create a username and password and follow the next steps. After finishing the registration process, you could just use your credentials to access the main page. How to Order in Versus Project

The site is user-friendly and navigable. On the main page, you will be able to browse around the market without having any hassle. The main page is really straightforward in presenting the offers from the site.

You can see some top vendors, Promoted Vendors, Newcomer, as well as the recommended section based on your interests.

You could find your items by browsing the Categories sections or use their internal search engine by typing particular keywords of the item you can to purchase. When you enter the listings, you can browse around the product quickly by using the platform’s search engine.

It will be quick to find the products you want to purchase since the platform is easy and straightforward. Versus Darknet Market Registration Payment Method and Multisig Explained

Paying on versus the darknet market is by the 2/2 or 2/3 multi-sig. the buyers can choose either one of them to proceed with their purchase. In your purchase basket, you will choose either 2/2 or 2/3 multi-sig.

It refers to the number of signatures required to release the funds during the transaction in the marketplace platform. The number in multi sig refers to the number of parties involved in such a transaction.

For instance, the 2/2 can be defined as the transaction between 2 parties which requires 2 signatures to release the particular funds.

Meanwhile, the 2/3 can be defined as the transaction that involves 3 parties at the marketplace. It requires 2 signatures of any of the 3 parties to release the funds.

In the 2/3, the involved parties are the buyer, the seller, and the marketplace. Meanwhile, 2/2 is the payment method where only the market and vendor are participating.

Releasing funds will also offer two options for the buyers: FE and FP.

FE – Finalize Early, is the way to release funds to the vendors right after the vendors mark the order as shipped. Meanwhile, FP – Fast Pay is the way to hold the money in escrow for around 3 to 5 days before getting released. How to Purchase items at the versus dark market The Versus Project Market

There is no deposit to the particular third-party escrow. You could just pay when you are on the checkout you usually do in any other marketplace. In this case, you are using your crypto payments to finalize the process. Simply search for the items you want to purchase. Add them to the basket. And checkout as usual. The vendors will have 72 hours to accept the orders. Then after accepting the order, the vendors will have 7 days to update it to the “shipped” status where the items will be delivered to the buyers. But in most cases, the vendors will send the items before 7 days expires. Verdict Although it has been over 2 years on the darknet, the community built within the market has been viable. It surely is a great option for those who want to purchase something which does not exist in the conventional marketplace.

Versus Market Link: http://jk765g5ml7sgea3qv2s4eue7ahows3f4nacacvrfqgbfk24kpfn735id.onion