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Tor2Door Market Overview

Tor2door Darknet Market Home Screenshot

Many of the darknet markets look outdated and are complicated to use, but Tor2Door looks modern and is straightforward to use.

Currently, it has slightly over 1000 products and 100 vendors, being considered a small marketplace and the list of items can be a bit limited.

Drugs and chemicals occupy more than 50% of the market’s total listings. The digital listings occupy about 20%+ of the market’s total listings.

The platform has categorized many things on their left side: Tor2Door Market

Surely, darknet markets provide primarily illegal items and services. But, unlike a few other darknet marketplaces, Tor2Door doesn’t allow the sales of certain products like:

Accessing Tor2Door is only possible through Tor Browser as it increases the anonymity experience while purchasing on the platform.

Before attempting to access and order any item, users must make sure they also understand this browser and how to use it properly.

Tor2Door is a multilingual darknet market offering English, Spanish, and German languages.

How to Register on Toor2Door Market

No access is possible without registration on Tor2Door and it takes just a few steps to be done. All users have to provide:

Tor2Door Market

It’s 100% anonymous and the platform will let all users set a few security features like:

2-FA via PGP: Make sure the password, even when leaked, does not grant someone access to the user’s account.

PIN: This is used to protect the funds and withdrawals. The password and 2-FA are of no use without this PIN.

Mnemonic Code: This is used to recover the account, as well as change security permissions related to your PIN. In fact, changing the account password also requires this Mnemonic.

Personal phrase: Used to verify market legitimacy and prevent phishing attacks.

There is no waiting period for the account to be activated. To become a vendor, there is a vendor bond on Tor2Door Market costing $150 but they waive this fee off for vendors who have established themselves on other markets. How to Make Payment in TorDoor Market

As mentioned above, Tor2Door only accepts Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XRM) as payment and multi-signature escrow. Along with this, traditional escrow payments are supported.

The market supports early finalization with trusted vendors.

The fee can be controlled by the users depending on how fast or slow they want their funds back. However, there is also the standard 0.00005BTC miner fee.

As of now, it charges a fee of 5% of all sales. How to Deposit Money in the Tor2Door Marketplace

Tor2Door only accepts the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) and purchases can only be made after depositing funds to the user’s centralized market wallet.

The website has a pretty advanced withdrawal policy and users can withdraw both coins. Bitcoin has a 0.00017748 BTC minimum withdrawal requirement.

Monero (XMR) also has a minimum withdrawal limit of 0.04329628. The miner fee for XMR is set at 0.000025 XMR. Shop Around the Toor2Door Marketplace

Tor2Door market is known for its simplicity and the interface looks super clean. The top bar gives all the important links like Home, Messages, Orders, Become a Vendor, Balance, Profile, Forum and Support. Tor2Door Market

The left sidebar displays all product categories and to visualize the subcategories, just hover over the categories and they will be displayed.

Placing orders is intuitive and similar to most other marketplaces. All orders can be finalized in Escrow, Finalize Early, or through the auto-finalize options.

The Auto-Finalize option is available for 14 days. Once a product is selected, follow through on the screens options.

As shipping details are PGP encrypted information, the buyer can just click on the vendor’s PGP link and import it to their PGP tool. The buyer should then encrypt their Shipping information using their PGP tool and paste the encrypted message in the text box.

Once completed, the order steps the payment is deducted and the order is submitted to the vendor. The vendor will receive all the necessary information and process the shipment accordingly. Is the Tor2Door Safe?

The Tor2Door team collaborated with penetration testing experts and tested the website for any possible glitches making it a super secure marketplace.

The market claims that consistent testing will always be carried out to ensure there are no security flaws.

Tor2Door has a mechanism that will grant all members a user and trust level status. The user-level changes depending on the order placed and the trust level depends on the feedback they get.

The developers make it clear that all transactions including messaging and order must be conducted in the marketplace platform. Any vendor trying to make a deal outside the market will be banned without any prior notice. Marketplace Link: