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Incognito Market Link

Incognito Market is a brand new drugs only darknet marketplace that was launched in November 2020.

The website follows the trend of the new darknet marketplaces as being genuinely minimalistic, intuitive, and user-friendly.

It also has an entirely separate casino section which is creative and innovative. Games offered include Slots, Blackjack, Sic Bo, and Keno, and bets can be made in Bitcoin (BTC) or Monero (XMR).

Just because it’s still a new marketplace, it doesn’t have a big list of products, remaining around 2100+.

For now, users can trade only:

The website is a multilingual offering English, Spanish, and German languages.

What the Incognito Market Registration Process Look Like?

Incognito Market puts a lot of effort into promoting their privacy concept, promising its users complete anonymity. The registration process on Incognito Market doesn’t require any personal data.

After passing Incognito Market’s captcha and verifying that the user is using a legitimate link, they will be brought to the main login screen.

To begin the account creation process, press the [Register Now] button. The account creation screen is simple as the market requires only the most basic of information to get started:

Next, a screen that displays an Account Secret and Mnemonic (sic) will be shown. Users need this info to verify their account in case they get locked out. Incognito Market

After saving the Account Secret (1 word) and Mnemonic (6 words) somewhere secure, click on the link agreeing and understanding that [both are irrecoverable].

Next is the login screen again and along with the password, enter the [Secret Word], which is the same thing as the Account Secret. Enter this info along with your username and the captcha solution and click on [Login].

A welcome screen will be displayed asking if the user would like to Browse the Market or Start Betting on the Casino.

Click on the first option to get started looking around the market.

The main market screen display the following message:

“Incognito Market is a market with a focus on both ease of use and security. With a small dedicated staff team and nothing useless or bloated to slow you down. Shopping for your happiness in a pill has never been easier.”

Please verify your mirror at all times with our PGP key, check our canary and ready thoroughly through the terms of service and faq sections before your initial deposit.”

The website has a Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) signature and public key. To set it up, click the [Settings] icon toward the top right corner of the screen right over the start of your username. Scroll down to where the Update PGP Key text box is in full view. Paste the PGP public key on the box and click on [Update] and a message encrypted with the public key will be shown.

Decrypt this message with the corresponding private key via the PGP utility (such as Kleopatra or GPG) and paste the results in the text box below the message.

Clicking on [Proceed] to continue, users will then be greeted by a popup window informing that their PGP key has been successfully updated and they will now be able to start placing orders on the market.

Two Factor-Authentication (2FA) login is not available. Users need to encrypt the messages on their own.

To become a vendor, there is a vendor bond on Incognito Market costing $300 or $1500 for Finalize Early (FE). However, they do waive this fee off for vendors who have established themselves on other markets. How to Make Payment on the Incognito Market

Incognito is not much different from other marketplaces and only accepts two cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) as payment.

The platform handles all the financial operations via a traditional Escrow system, which means that the market administration holds the money until the buyer marks the order as complete.

There is no Finalize Early (FE) option available, so it might take a while to proceed with the payment. Experienced vendors who have established a good sales record are afforded FE privileges.

There are no multisig or per-order payment options either. How to Make A Deposit on the Incognito Market

Wallet-free payment is not available which means all users will have to make a deposit to the centralized market wallet before proceeding to purchase any product.

To make a deposit, click on the dollar sign circle icon toward the top right of the screen.

Hovering over this will display the current prices of Bitcoin and Monero. Users will be brought to a message screen that informs them about their current balance in both BTC and XMR.

Click on the [Deposit] option to proceed.

Incognito doesn’t generate a deposit address, to set it up simply click on the [Request New Address] bar. Pay attention of Incognito’s warning about their addresses before making your first deposit:

“All addresses are only valid for six hours after request. Please use sufficient fees to ensure that your funds are confirmed within the time limit.”

When depositing one of the cryptocurrencies, copy a full address to deposit into and always deposit the correct coin.

A loss of coin may occur if not attentive. Click on [Proceed] and then a popup window that says “Request Successful”. Press “Dismiss” to proceed. It will now be shown addresses and corresponding QR codes for both BTC and XMR. Shop Around the Incognito Marketplace

The home page of Incognito is super clean and straightforward. The top bar gives all the important links like Listing, Vendors, My Orders, Support, and Apply Vending. Incognito Market

After finding an item they wish to purchase, users only need to select the quantity, coin to pay with, and double-check the shipping option(s).

Click on the [Checkout Now] button to start the order placement process and enter the encrypted shipping information to check out.

Next click on the [Confirm Checkout] button to place the order. Granted that there are enough coins in the account balance to cover the order, the order will be placed, and the vendor will begin preparing it for shipping. Is the Incognito Market Safe?

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is supported and is used to encrypt messages, any shipping, or other sensitive information when sending a message to a vendor.

However, it doesn’t support Two Factor-Authentication (2FA) login, so users should pay attention to it as they will have to decrypt a message each time they want to log into the market.

Although Incognito Market lacks sophisticated payment options, such as Multisig that makes all transactions more secure, it does a good job of providing an interface to connect buyers and sellers.

Accepting Monero (XRM) as a payment is a good indication as it also increases the safety and privacy of the user’s, which is absolutely recommended using over BTC for darknet market purposes.

Incognito Market is only accessible through the Tor Browser, therefore the privacy of its users is guaranteed. Marketplace Link: