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Dread Darknet Forum Home Screenshot

In fact, the developers of the forum claimed that Dread creation was the instant response of the Shutdown of Subreddit DarkNetMarkets.

That could explain why when you visit this site, it is like you are recalling the so-called Reddit forum by yourself.

The forum adapted the layout and functions from the Reddit platform. Just like Subreddits, the Dread forum also features the sub-communities with the moderation capability. All of these features are adopted by the Dread forum developers without using any JavaScript. Instead, they claimed to build it from scratch using HugBunter.

Dread forum before past shutdown

Who is this darknet forum for? Obviously, it is for those who are fond of the deep web and dark web. Not to mention that it is also a great stuff for those who are against the censorship. Here is also the huge difference between the Dread forum and Reddit. Dread forum offers a censorship-free place for the community. but to certain extents, it also provides rich information about the darknet marketplaces and other typ[es of dark net sites.

As mentioned, the Subreddit DarkNetMarkets was banned some years ago. As a result, developers of the community encouraged the Subreddit users to migrate to their forum instead. And it was true. The followers of Reddit DarkNetMarkets made the huge exodus to the Dread forum.

There was a speculation that an anonymous person called Olympus wanted to make the community bad so that he can move the audiences to their own forum. Olympus also claimed that they hacked Dread and redirected all of the traffic to their own website. However, it was only a speculation. HugBunter, the creator of Dread, claimed that Dread was not hacked. On the contrary, Olympus made an agreement with them for access to the server. Dread was shut down on April 25th, 2018. but it wouldn’t take a long time until Olympus clarified the things and apologized to the public.

Dread forum nowadays

In May 2018, the Dread creators relaunched the platform. The creator apologized to the public for the temporary shutdown, proclaiming that they made a comeback with some betterments.

When you take a look at the Dread Forum site, you will agree that it looks similar to Reddit. However, the Dread forum is available on the Tor network. You can find the URL of the site from the trustworthy sources in this site, or popular sites like Dark Fail.

Like all of the dark net websites, Dread is within the Tor Network. So, it is sensible to access it through the Tor Browser from your place. If it is the first time for you to access the dark net sites, make sure you have covered all of the basics from Tor knowledge, OPSEC security, and so on. Registering an account

As you’d expect from a Reddit-like forum, it is easy to make an account in the Dread forum. There will be some security challenges that you need to solve. But that is not a huge deal since you can quickly overcome them.

Registration requires your username and passwords to log in. Make sure that you save your details in a safe place. After finishing the Second CAPTCHA, you can click Create Account.

After the account creation is done, you can start logging in and browsing the site. Design and interface

As I mentioned before, the layout of Dread is almost similar to Reddit on the clear net. Just like subreddit, Dread also has sub dreads. Each dubsdread focuses on a particular topic. So, you will easily find hundreds to thousands of sub dreads at the platform.

In the mainpage, you will see the most popular posts where the posts get the most upvotes. Yes, just like in Reddit, there are upvotes and downvotes for every post and comment. Dread DarkNation subdreadDread DarkNation subdread

You can sort the posts in the main page by New or Top.

It is nice to see such familiar components in the Dread forum. It won’t take a long time until you get used to the platform.

Dread is a forum in the dark network. So, you won’t expect that its menu is the same as the dark net marketplaces. As you are looking for the categories and listings, you will tend to take a look at the sub dreads. The subdread can be categorized as the name of the marketplaces. For instance, you could find subdread Cannahome or Cannazone to find your cannabis related products from your favorite vendors. Choosing the vendors on dread

Although you can’t directly purchase any darknet Item from the community, you can look at the sub dreads to find out the links of the marketplaces where you can purchase your items from your favorite vendors.

If their sub dreads posts provide the great information for you, then you could visit the markets through the links they provide. Beware thought that not all links shared in the sub dreads are safe. You need to be more vigilant when looking for the link of the vendors or particular dark net links at the forum. Some of them even leads you to the phishing sites. Consider to avoid this by looking at the number of their upvotes. If the upvotes are overwhelmingly great, it can be a great solution to go back. Purchasing the products on dread

P2P transactions are the only recommended way to purchase anything from the community. Well, I won’t recommend this for sure. Your best chance is to visit sub dread which posts the particular items you have been looking for, and then you could click the Verified links which lead you to the relevant marketplaces where the vendors offer their products and services. Do not directly purchase something from the Dread forum since the risks of exit scam are more extreme. Contact Dread forum support if you still have some questions.