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Cypher Market Overview

Cypher Darknet Market Home Screenshot

Cypher Market is a new and small marketplace where users can trade traditional items from the darknet marketplaces. The market has over 3000 listings available, mostly drugs.

The market was launched in June 2020. Currently, Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) are the payment method supported by the website, which implies complete anonymity to its members.

Accessing Cypher is only possible through Tor Browser which, added to Monero, enhances the anonymous experience when shopping on the website.

Cypher Market has an easy and quick registration process and doesn’t have a central account/wallet system. However, it’s new on the market and has a limited vendor and listing selection.

How to Register on Cypher Market

The registration for Cypher Market is simple and the first thing to be done is to complete the circle Captcha system and a login landing page will be displayed.

At the bottom, there will be a “Create Account” button. Once it is selected, the registration screen will be displayed.

The registration has 3 sections to complete and another Captcha.

Once dealing with the registration, you will be taken to the homepage where settings and subcategories will be available. Cypher Market

You can choose your favourite currency here. On the purchases menu, it’s possible to see all orders and the status.

Next, users can set up a PGP key. This is required to place any orders and send or read any message. A new page will open and one of the settings will be a PGP Public Key box.

Once located, paste the public PGP key in the box. They should always ensure this is their public PGP, not the description key.

They also include an $80 fee in Bitcoin (BTC) or Monero (XMR) for any vendor to join their market to prevent scammers. How to Make Payments in Cypher Market

Cypher Market is not much different from the most reputable darknet markets and only supports both Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR), and some vendors may only accept one of those coins.

Payment is made only at the time of order and is then held by the market and released after the order is finalized by the buyer.

This method is safe because the website uses the traditional escrow mediator holding ground for the funds or assets involved in that transaction.

Unlike other darknet markets, the website doesn’t have an account wallet system and handles all payments on a per-order basis. This means users don’t have to deposit for a purchase and they can use their own private wallet to proceed with payments. Shop Around the Cypher Marketplace

As far as we know, Cypher marketplace consists of:

A standard top bar with all the account options is present showing support, cart, notifications, and the profile signed with the username.

On the left, there is a bar with all categories. A search bar is also present and when searching for a listing, a more advanced filter appears on the left-hand side.

Some items are however prohibited to be traded on the platform:

As mentioned above, Cypher provides an escrow system where funds are withheld until the trade is complete, removing any risk of scams.

Trusted vendors can apply for Finalize-Early status which allows them to bypass the escrow system.

Placing an order is simple, on the menu bar it’s possible to choose the amount, the quantity and the delivery method.

Here’s how it goes:

Click on the [add to cart] button.

Click on the [checkout] and on the [purchase] button. After this, they are promoted to pay a newly generated Bitcoin or Monero address the specific amount of coins, to finalize the order.

Clicking on the [purchase id], there will be all the details

On the delivery section, it displays the number of goods a user can order and the details section are the terms and conditions of the seller which you need to agree

That’s all, hit the buy button and you’re good to go! Is Cypher Market Safe?

Contrary to other darknet markets, Cypher Market is a wallet-less escrow and Finalize Early (FE) market with no traditional deposit wallets. Orders can be paid directly from the user’s own wallet without having to deposit on the market first. This means the buyers rely on the market to secure their money or on the vendor.

Therefore, the platform is quite trustworthy and convenient.