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Cannahome Market Link

CannaHome market is a cannabis-focused marketplace where all of the users can safely purchase their cannabis products with great discretion, security, and anonymity. It is different from Cannazon which does not accept members from the US, Cannahome hosts the place for conducting USA to USA markets. In Cannahome, the vendors are not allowed to ship the items to addresses outside the US. If you are outside the US, you could skip now and visit our Cannazon review instead. But if you are in the US, you could proceed with this post.

CannaHome Market Overview

Cannahome Darknet Market Home Screenshot

CannaHome Market is also called Canna Home. This cannabis products-related website has been operating since September 16, 2019. There were 76 total vendors when we wrote this review. The total product is over 3k listings. As expected from a renowned cannabis marketplace, it comes with the 2FA to ensure the safety of all users. The payment methods on this site are Direct Payment and Multisig. What makes this platform different from the other is the fact that the Vendor Bond does not work here. Instead, only established vendors from different marketplaces are allowed to join. So, the vendors who have a good track record in other sites are the right candidates of the CannaHome vendors.

CannaHome Market

CannaHome is created as the replacement for CGMC which went off in 2018. CannaHome developers use the same source code, design, and layout of the site. That’s why it has been pretty familiar for many people out there.

It wouldn’t take a long time until the former users of the CGMC flocked the site and joined as members. CannaHome accepts cannabis and mushroom products. Keep in mind that this market only focuses on providing those categories. If you’re looking for other drug products, you need to look for somewhere else.


It does not come with the controlled wallets. Instead, there are two payment methods that you can use when transacting in the CannaHome platform. The first one is the Multisig Escrow. The second one is Direct Pay.

That means you don’t need to add funds or deposit in the account. So, you can reserve your money in your account for security purposes.

You could use Multisig Escrow to give you layers of protection. But you don’t necessarily use Multisig if you are dealing with reputable vendors who have good reviews and ratings.

Becoming A Vendor

CannaHome opens the opportunity for experienced vendors to take part in the cannabis marketplace. It sets high standards for the new vendors.

To become a vendor of the site, one must have a good track record on other darknet marketplaces. It sounds so difficult for most vendors but it indeed works to reduce the risks of scamming.

The vendors who want to join the marketplace should have a minimum of 500 rated sales and six months’ experience. They also need to have high ratings with less than one percent of negative reviews. They need to have at least 4.95 excellent ratings.

With such high-level requirements, it is not surprising that the vendors who take part in the marketplace are only the best ones. Since the platform focuses on the USA-to-USA market, the platform only accepts Vendors from the US territory.

Using CannaHome

Using the CannaHome website is simple and straightforward. I presume you have already covered the basics of using darknet websites. So, through your Tor browser, you could apply the link to the CannaHome market.

Click register and follow through the process. As usual, do not input any fraction of your private or sensitive information in your username and passwords. Save your credentials in the safest place you can find.

After finishing the registration, you will be able to start browsing.

On the CannaHome main page, you can browse the top vendors or products. Then, you can choose what you want to purchase.

Through the main page, you can easily find the top sellers. Scroll down to find new arrivals and other updates of the vendors. As mentioned, the vendors you find are those who already have great track records. So, you don’t have to worry if you land on a random vendor. The site’s rating system can vouch for the best vendors.

Or, you could use the search filters provided by the site. Type the keyword of an item you will want to purchase from the market. The result will show up instantly. And you just need to proceed to pick which products you want to purchase from the platform.

After clicking a particular product, you will be led to the product page where you can see the information about the product including its size, shape, design, color, variations, details, price, shipping, and many more.

Take your time to shop around and window shop. If you’re okay with the product, you just need to hit “Order Product”. Then decide whether you use Bitcoin or Litecoin to pay for the products.

Put in your address and shipping options.

After clicking continue, you will be redirected to the payment page where you need to see the total amount that you need to pay. It will also tell you the address of the deposit that you need to make. Once you’ve done the payment, the payment confirmation page will show up to confirm everything.

After receiving the payment, the vendors will work on the order. The system will also notify you if your items are shipped by the vendors. Don’t forget to finalize the order after receiving and checking your items.


Using CannaHome to get your next cannabis product supply is simple and easy. If you have past experiences in using a similar site like CMGC, then it would be easy for you to adapt to the CannaHome system. You can find the official link here on this page. Make sure you always check the link that you use whenever you are visiting CannaHome or other darknet marketplaces. Since it specializes in cannabis-related products, you won’t expect to purchase other products. Vendors wouldn’t provide other products from other categories as well since they are compliant with the rules. But it gives you peace of mind since you have come to the right marketplace.