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Most users are from the EU, the UK and Canada. Launched in June 2021, the main product in the Bohemia Market is drugs. However, they offer many other items such as:

Bohemia Market has a few innovative and interesting features: a multi-product purchase option, which allows users to make one payment for multiple vendors.

Also, there is a mass messaging tool that is helpful for vendors to reach out to multiple customers with one message.

Last but not least of Bohemia’s innovative options is their Smart Cart option which allows users to make purchases from multiple vendors at once. After picking up all the items, customers can go to their checkout and process the payment all at once. It will all work in the escrow payment system.

The website offers an affiliate program giving users a 25% in commission reward that will automatically apply to the user’s balance being available to be spent to or withdrawn.

Payment methods can be done in Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR). Its payment methods are standard Multisig Escrow payments, and for more popular vendors you may have the option of Finalize Early (FE).

Tor Browser is the only way to access the marketplace, therefore users have their privacy data guaranteed.

How to Register on Bohemia Market

To sign up on the Bohemia Market, user need to complete a few steps already well known in the darknet marketplaces:

Note: These credentials should not contain any personal information. Once logged in, the user can start adjusting their profile settings and carry out a few procedures that are mandatory for security reasons.

All users will need to use Bohemia’s Public PGP key to generate their Private key and use it to encrypt or decrypt all the communication and messages on the platform. They can use it for 2-FA, entering the PGP signed message alongside their username and password every time they log in.

This feature is optional for a buyer but for sellers this requirement is compulsory.

To become a vendor a few more steps are required. Once logged into the account at the top left corner, there is a button where it says [Become A Merchant].

After selecting this button, a page will pop up with information on becoming a vendor. The page will have details on vendor expectations and their terms and conditions.

The vendor can then apply for and is required to provide some relative information.

Once all the information is completed, the new vendor will be required to pay a non-refundable Vendor Bond costing $200.

The Vendor Bond is to provide funds for the website and to prevent scams. Apart from this, the Vendor Bond is deducted from the user’s balance.

Vendors that are already well established could apply to join the Bohemia market without a Vendor Bond. The process can take 1 or 2 days depending on staff and site activity, as each vendor’s application is viewed manually before it’s accepted. How to Make Payment on Bohemia Market

Bohemia Market only accepts two cryptocurrencies, Monero (XRM) and Bitcoin (BTC). Most payments will be Escrow Payments, which means the user pays the money to Bohemia, who acts as a middle man.

Once the products have been received, the system releases the funds to the vendor.

Some vendors may qualify for a Finalize Early payment (FE) or Finalize Order payment where the vendor is paid much quicker. This option should be only considered for more reputable vendors as it is riskier to be a scam.

Bohemia Market charges a fee of 1-4% commission on all sales + USD 200 Vendor Bond.

And as far as we know, currently the Bohemia market only accepts BTC and Monero for deposit. Shop Around the Marketplace

Purchasing on Bohemia Market is very similar to other marketplaces and the first thing to be done is to find the products you are looking for and to add funds to the balance of the website. Bohemia Market

As mentioned above, the website accepts both Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XRM) as payment options which are ideal for the old school darknet users and the modern users that prefer Monero.

The site has a navigation tool that allows users to search by word, category, or vendor. It also has a featured list of items that are directed to each user depending on their previous search interest.

Once an item is selected, the product purchase page will pop up where the user can see information such as Product Description, Vendor Rating, Product Photos, Previous Disputes, Payment, Methods, and Product Pricing.

A digital item will be delivered in a few minutes, but for a physical item the user will need to use the PGP option, preferably using their own one and not the site for safety reasons.

They will then share all the information needed with the vendor such as a delivery address.

The cart will allow the customers to change their quantities, shipping methods, and payment methods.

Vendors can decide whether to accept both Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XRM), though some may opt to only accept one of them.

After placing an order, an order number is provided to the user. They can also contact the vendor through the messaging system if needed and view orders that have been previously made and their status.

Once the user receives an item, they have to mark the item as received as quickly as possible. Is Bohemia A Safe Marketplace?

To prevent successful attacks, Bohemia Market uses DDoS protection to ensure their site remains speedy and the servers are not overwhelmed using a Captcha system as a feature for DDoS protection.

The website is only accessible through Tor Browser so users are protected under all the features of anonymity the browser provides. Additionally, the payment method is through Monero (XMR) the most untraceable coin available out there.

Although it is very new on the darknet, Bohemia Market has so far granted all its member’s anonymity and safe trading. Marketplace Link: