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ASAP Market Overview

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The site has been contributing a lot to the dark net network. As the reward, it granted the position in the Dark.Fail in December 2020. If you have been around with the darknet for a while, you will surely know that the site which has been listed on Dark.Fail is the one which really deserves the attention due to their reliability and competency.

The moment we wrote this guide, the marketplace had over six thousands of listings. The interface and structure of the site are simple and straightforward. The dark mode is the default theme of the site. Therefore, it is much easier for you to browse around the market in any light condition.

ASAP does not have permanent links. Well, that’s something that we would expect from the darknet marketplaces. The developers do this to mask their online activities so that the third parties won’t compromise their dark web market activities. The site has rotating main mirrors. The mirrors rotate every 30 minutes.

So, it is not surprising that you will need to login and out again every 30 minutes.

The users will then need to find the new mirror and log back in. Rotating mirrors can be down if the site is crowded. So you need to prepare to take more time for the login attempts. The DDOS attacks are up for debate. But as claimed by the insiders, the mirrors rotating is effective to fight against the DDOS attacks.

It was established a year ago. In this marketplace, you can find many controversial items. But the most common items revolve around drugs, weed, and prescriptions. You can hover around the listing categories to find out more of the listings that they offer to their users. As expected from a renowned darknet marketplace, the market accepts multiple coins including Bitcoin – BTC and Monero – XMR. The multi signature escrow is unfortunately unavailable. It comes with FE – Finalize Early which benefits the vendors. If you are interested in becoming a vendor on the site, you must prepare $600 for the vendor bond. It is not cheap indeed. But it is effective to tackle the potential scammers. Before getting started, check these things first

Right before accessing the ASAP market, you will want to cover these things first:

How to use Tor Browser

How to use VPN service

How to use PGP key along with the creation, encryption of message, decryption of messages, and so on

How to use Bitcoin – BTC and Monero – XMR

Make sure you have covered all of the things I mentioned above before accessing any dark net links including the ASAP Market. Register an account in ASAP Market

Make sure you click on the authentic market link. Don’t click on other links than the links that we provide on our site. As you click the link, you will visit the main page of the ASAP market. But before proceeding, the site challenges you with the CAPTCHA. It expires every 30 seconds so that you need to be quick in finishing the challenge.

Click Register. Then enter your User Name, Password, and PIN for the purchases transactions and withdrawals. Do not add your private stuff in the username and password for safety reasons.

If you have fulfilled all the sections, you just need to proceed clicking Register.

After the registration is successful, you will need to insert your credentials to log in to the market account.

If it is your first login, you will need to set up some things first before making your first purchase. Set up your PGP key. You can click Security in the Profile Option. Just follow the instructions to add our Public Key.

After setting up the PGP, you will want to check the Enable 2FA box if you want to give more layers of security in your marketplace account. Then click Change PGP/2FA to will be asked to encrypt a message. Paste the result onto the line of Verification token. Verify if you’re okay with this. Making deposit

As confirmed by the market itself, the users will need to assign a deposit address and send the fund there before purchasing any products or services from the dark net marketplace. Asap Bitcoin Wallet

You can fund your account with your BTC or XMR. Consider weighing both options first before proceeding. Each cryptocurrency has its own perks and downside. You can fund your account with the bTC directly. To add XMR, you can just get into the balance section and choose the XMR option. Browsing the market

It is easy to browse around the ASAP market since the platform is clean and neat. You can start by browsing around the categories of the products that they are selling. Or, you could use their search filtering system to help you pinpointing the exact products or services which can match your preferences. Each listing contains the details including the pricing, vendor’s name, ship to and from, as well as reviews. ASAP Market Making your purchases

After finding the item, you just need to add it to the basket.

Review the order and press the checkout button after seeing the subtotal of the pricing amount.

Select your shipping options. Then you need to choose to use which cryptocurrencies to make your purchase. The next page will come up with the total payment information.

Enter your shipping information using the PGP key encryption, then check the end result before proceeding.

Click Place Order, then it is done.

Your vendor will receive the notification to tell them that you’ve purchased items from them. They will prepare your order and will inform you if they have shipped the order. The order will be marked as “shipped”. you can see the status of the order in the Orders tab. Once finished, you can finalize the order. Or, you can open a dispute if the order is having a problem.