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Alphabay Market is one of the most prominent names in the world of dark net. It is a great market with tons of products which you can’t easily find in the conventional online marketplaces. Since it is located in the dark net, then it is important to use this site with your own discretion.

Alphabay has been down since July 2017. Although many people have said that the site has gone for good, we are still pretty optimistic that it will come back someday. While you are waiting for Alphabay to get back online again, you could check out its alternative, Dream Market. Otherwise, you could proceed reading this unbiased review about Alphabay Market.


Alphabay Market was established back in December 2014. Since the day of the launch, it had attracted a lot of audiences from across the globe, especially the cannabis lovers and other relatable items fans. The site skyrocketed in the deep web, allowing many people to purchase bizzare items as they wish with such perfect anonymity and security.

Back then before Alphabay market dominated the dark web, the exit scam happened in Evolution. Evolution was the largest marketplace at that time. And since there are many disappointed users who want to find the best replacement for the latter option, they moved to Alphabay instead. It didn’t take long until all of the users considered Alphabay as the number one destination to purchase their favorite darknet items online with good anonymity and privacy online.

Alphabay is a renowned choice because it comes with abundant features that you would expect from an excellent marketplace. It fortifies the site with the multi-layers of security features to prevent any cyber attacks, phishing, frauds, scamming, and other types of the maleficent behaviors.

Alphabay has such a huge community across the globe. It’s subreddit has many followers. The forum is active on a daily basis so that the new users could take part in the community and get on the right track when starting their rodeo in the dark net shop. How secure was the Alphabay Market?

The AlphaBay Market had such ample security on the darknet community. The creators of the website were pretty aware of the challenges out there. The deep net is full of rippers and scammers. It was only a matter of time until the huge waves of the cyber attacks conducted by the irresponsible parties to snatch the client’s money away. But the developers were pretty aware about the threats. alpha bay listings

Alphabay had such great quality of security. AlphaBay has multi-layers of security which can strongly support the OPSEC practices that you would usually do in order to stay safe and have fun when shopping around in the dark net marketplaces. Alpha02, the representative of the Alphabay market, had claimed that the team of developers had taken maximum precautions and measurements to ensure that both vendors, buyers, and fellow users can conduct the online activities in the market without any hassle or fuss.

There were tons of security features that AlphaBay had. And here are what we could compile to share to you: Scam Watch Team

It refers to the group of the professionals who have the extensive experiences and set of skills of the security. They consist of the experienced researchers, hackers, and particular professionals who were working around the clock to prevent the scam, phishing activities, cyber attacks, malware or spyware, fraudulent activities, data leakage, and many other problems in the marketplace. They were working 24/7 to make sure that Alphabay would be safe around the clock, giving the peace of mind to all of the users who were using Alphabay to browse the products and shop for particular items. PGP Key

The PGP encryption is viable for all of the users including the buyers and vendors. Both can use the PGP key to encrypt and decrypt the message in order to make a safe communication channel which cannot be compromised by the third parties.

For instance, the buyers can use PGP messages to confirm that they are visiting the right Alphabay marketplace. In other practice, they can use their PGP key as the way to prove the Deposit Addresses. The PGP services can help the users to confirm the safe addresses that the users will send their BTC to. Alphabay had made sure to facilitate their users with the PGP to confirm the verified BTC accounts. This practice alone can prevent the scams and other mishaps from happening. Two Factor Authentications

The 2 FA feature is important Not only in the Alphabay market, but also other dark net markets. it is the way you can protect your account from any scamming or hacking attempts from other party. Although it is optional to activate the two factor authentication in your accounts, we’d like to suggest you proceed with this feature. It will give you more protections. Everytime you login, you will be challenged with the 2 factor authentications. In this case, only the real holder of the account will be able to answer the challenge. Coin Tumbler

The Coin Tumbler is indeed a game-changer in the dark net overall community. It makes it impossible for anyone to trace the Bitcoins addresses of the buyers. It was what made the Alphabay market different from its competitors. The coin tumbler is a great feature which can do a huge favor for the vendors. It provides such strong anonymity for the users. Multisig Transactions

This feature can protect the buyers from getting scammed. As we know, many dark net markets cannot prevent the exit-scammed activities done by their sellers. Ones can have such huge reviews and ratings. But then they can be gone for good, snatching their buyers money away. Multisig can prevent it from happening. If you are not convinced with your new vendor, or market, you could opt this option to protect you in every transaction. The Web design, layout and interface

When you first looked at the Alphabay market, you would agree that it didn’t look intimidating at all. The Alphabay market actually looked like other conventional marketplaces that you can easily find on the net. It feels warm and welcomed when you visit the site for the first time. It is not exaggerating to say that the word “Dark web” is not appropriate to describe this market.

At the top part of the main page, there are some menus which you can navigate to lead you to the other parts of the website. On the left side, you will see your profile information including my balance, and so on. alpha bay feedback alpha bay feedback

And then you can easily find the listing section. From there, you could browse around the items based on the categories the site offers.

On some occasions, looking for the right items through the categories section can take some time and effort, especially if the listings are plentiful. To cut the time short, you could simply use the search box provided in the main page.

At the center of the screen, you could just type the right keyword and proceed.

The result will show up in no time. The next thing to do is to click any item that interests you. Read the description and add it to the cart. The listings

Alphabay came with tons of services and goods that you won’t find in the conventional online marketplace. When you were not able to find particular items in the other dark net markets, you would have the huge chance to find it in the Alphabay. That was how great the Alphabay market was.

The categories revolved around the Drugs, Online Accounts, Carded Items, Guide and Tutorials, Digital Products, Gadgets, Services and so on.

The Drugs was the top notch category with the most numerous listings. Back then, the Drugs were in the grey areas. Therefore, it is very crucial to keep the activities anonymous all the time to ensure the safety of the users.

The online accounts categories hold the particular services wherein you could attain the unlimited pornhub (and other porn accounts) accounts, Netflix Accounts, VPN accounts, and other accounts that you won’t be able to attain in real life. alpha bay items alpha bay items

In the Carded items, the users can find someone else’s cards for affordable prices.

In the Guide and Tutorials category, you might have guessed it right. It focused on the guides in the form of digital mediums like e-book, videos, and so on.

There are a lot of services that are offered in the marketplace. We couldn’t mention it one by one here. Therefore, browsing around through these categories can take forever until you can find your items. Here is where the advanced search filter entered to help you. This internal search engine worked just like other darknet marketplaces. The advanced search filter helped the users to narrow down the items list to pinpoint the product you would want to add to the cart. The advanced search filters would help the users to land on the exact product they are seeking.

It lets the users control every order based on the country, vendor level, currencies options, shipment, and so on. The Supports of Cryptocurrencies

Alphabay was only supporting Bitcoins. But as the time went by, the developers updated the supported cryptocurrencies to give plentier options for the users to pay for their orders. Bitcoin was the leading cryptocurrencies at that time. But many people wondered if they could also use Monero for better anonymity. As we knew, Monero didn’t leave traces when being used.

Five years ago, the developers announced that they were working towards Monero support. And it wouldn’t take a long time until they finalized their new project. Monero would become the second accepted cryptocurrency in the market.

Then they started Ethereum integration in the first quarter of 2017. two months later, Ethereum joined as the supported cryptocurrencies in the site.

And then, Zcash was the latest crypto to join the riots of the accepted cryptocurrencies.

With the plenty of options available for the users, it has become easier for the users to make the transactions in the Alphabay market, offering more users to join with the site on a daily basis. The Marvelous Features of AlphaBay

AlphaBay indeed had some perks that not many darknet markets could have. All in all, we were going to share all of these perks below. AutoShop

Some beginners might mistakenly understand it with the things of automotive. But it is something different. AutoShop refers to the automated credit card shop. In this feature, the users could purchase credit cards with the advanced search filters. In this case, the process is completely automatic. The delivery was seamless and fast. There was no need to worry if the transaction was intervened by the intermediaries. Vendor Reputation Verifier

It was one of the components which made the Alphabay market different from the competitors. AlphaBay market protected their users by showing them reputation and trust sellers of the particular vendors.

The transparency of the information is seamless and accurate so that this will give the confidence for the users to take actions when they are shopping in AlphaBay market. alpha bay vendor alpha bay vendor

The reputation and trust level of the vendors is not something that can be cheated. The vendors would need to do their best to get the positive feedback from their clients. After months of operation, they needed to collect the successful sales and good reviews.

The Verifier feature really did good favor to the buyers since they can assess the vendors without having to reach them out first. the users could verify the information details including the feedbacks and reviews left by the past clients. Digital Contracts

Digital Contracts were available in AlphabAy darknet market. In fact, AlphaBay was the first market to include Digital Contracts in its market platform.

The digital Contracts involved the PGP key which can be used by all of the users for the fee.

The feature utilized the formal PGP encryption strategy to verify the contract. The terms and conditions inside the contract were verified by the moderators or professionals who were working in Alphabay internal team. Alphabay Market and its verdict

AlphaBay market was accessible through onion service of Tor Network. So, you could use the Tor browser to get direct access to the particular marketplace. It was shut down by the authorities along with Hansa market, the best competitor back then. It has been questioned whether the market would come back to the surface again or not. Until then, the enthusiasts of the dark net market would only wait for the light of the news from the officials.

All in all, Alphabay was newbie-friendly. It came with a user-interface which was easy to learn and use. Even for the beginners of the dark net world, the site was easy to use. It was also the first ever platform to add the digital contracts in their facility. With such tons of features, it seemed to be hard for their fans across the globe to move to other darknet sites for good reasons. Safe Practices to access Alphabay market and other darknet websites

It is a common ground that accessing the onion URL should be through Tor browser. You cannot use your usual browsers like Chrome, Safari, or else to access Alphabay and other dark net sites. Even the Tor browser itself might not be enough for serious dark net buyers. So, don’t dive into the deep web without full preparations. See our tips below. The anonymity principle

The core perk of the dark net is anonymity. The second thing to benefit is the privacy the sites offer to you. No one knows that you are accessing any of these sites unless you and someone besides you. the last thing you want is to get preyed by the governments, corporations, or other third parties. That’s why anonymity and privacy should be your primary concerns. The users identities should be safe from any intermediaries including the governments and private entities. Here is where you can use Tor Browser to make sure you can get the safe channel to access sort of websites. Download and Install your Tor Browser

Tor is the most prominent browser to access the dark webs on the net. You will need a Tor browser to make your internet activity anonymous for the third party.

You can download the Tor browser through its official site. Then you just need to install it to your desktop or any other device.

Although Tor browser itself is enough to support your access to onion links, your ISP is still able to view your activities. To cut the connections and conceal your activities completely, you can fortify the Tor browser with the VPN service.

Use the VPN service and connect to a specific server to make your activity more private and anonymous. Hide your real IP by connecting to a server in another country. In this case, your ISP won’t be able to detect your activities in the dark net websites.

Tor Browser also lets you surf the clear web and dark web. Your traffic can be re-routed through the Tor network. But your chance will be much better when you are using the Tor browser. So, make sure to download and install Tor Browser on your device. Don’t worry, Tor is safe to use.

Tor is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, as well as Linux. So far, there is no compatibility for the iOS devices. But you can use the Tor browser on your Mac device, which is still a winning game. Using VPN

As mentioned, Tor node IP is still public. That’s why your internet service provider will still be able to see your online activities. Although your ISP can’t necessarily interpret your online activities, they still know that you are using Tor. Of course, this can trigger their suspicion. In the worst case, their representative might reach out to ask a couple of questions to you. You won’t get down to that road if you add more privacy and anonymity powers to your Tor browser.

The best way to do this is to use your Tor with VPN service. Some experts might suggest you to use Tor Bridges. These are the nodes that are not seen in the public. However, many users often complained about the slow connections they experienced although their privacy is ensured.

Therefore, VPN is still a top-notch option because it is fast and seamless. You can use the best VPN service to provide you faster and more reliable solutions .

Keep in mind to focus using the quality paid VPN services rather than the free one.

As you use VPN service, your Internet Service Provider won’t be able to check if you are using Tor browser or not. It directly connects the connection of your Tor browser with the router. Accessing the darknet market

After downloading and installing the Tor browser, setting up the VPN service, the next thing to do is to click the right URLs.

The dark net websites are different from the conventional websites you usually visit. Sometimes you can see the dark webs as “tor hidden services. The domain is also different. Most of these markets and dark webs come with onion extensions.

Locating these onion websites using your favorite search engines like Google won’t give you much result. The results won’t show up since those are located in the deep web net.

If you are looking for the darknet websites, then you need to look for it from the specifically-designed darknet search engines like Dark.Fail, Candle, Torch, NotEvil, and Ahmia.

Or , you could copy the URLs of the onion sites from trustworthy sources. When you are retrieving the particular links from other parties, you need to be aware of the risks. Not all of the URLs are safe. Instead, focus on finding the links from trustworthy sources like in our page.